December 2011

Best Ways to Learn About Job Openings


Finding the perfect job after losing a job has been one of the most difficult experiences job seekers have gone through in their lives.  Searching for jobs, applying and interviewing for jobs are a full-time job within all of the effort the job seeker puts in.

Searching for job listings online through job resources like job search sites, online job search tools, job search engines, networking sites, and various tips that a job seeker can use within their daily job searches.

How to Become a Nurse


A nurse is one the most popular and growing health fields.  A nurse cares for the sick and injured, along with providing them with medicine, and treating wounds. Nurses will also provide emotional support to patients and their families.  There are many different types of nurses so it is important to find out what type of nurse they would like to become and the education required.  Nurses need to be compassionate, and kind, along with being able to recognize problems, and remember important details.

Nurses will ask patients about their symptoms, and keep detailed notes and records.  Nurses assist doctors with examining and treating patients by finding out why they are sick including doing lab work and obtaining lab test results.

The future is bright for those in the nursing industry and nursing is the largest health care occupation.  There are many great job opportunities available for registered nurses and will continue to grow through 2018.  Home health nurses are another growing field with an increase of older people who are in need of health care.

How to Avoid Making Query Letter Mistakes

"Editors aren’t interested in hearing about the time spent on the article."


Sending out query letters to editors is a daunting and scary experience for many professional writers and within all topic fields.  There are many who have spent time working hard with their idea of the perfect article idea or book manuscript that could either end up within the successful pile or the dreaded trash pile.  Sending out a good query letter could lead to their article being published and paid.  Editors who receive a bad query letter will automatically send it back to you with a “no thank you”, or “sorry this isn’t what we are looking for” written on it.  So it is important to avoid these common query letter mistakes before sending out the next query letter.

The Best College Majors that Are Recession Proof

Biomedical Engineering, Computer Game Design, and Health Informatics/Information Management

College students around are wondering what majors are the best for them to major and graduate in at the end of their college experience.  Colleges have been taking the time out to develop majors for students to create jobs that will last for more than eight to ten years.  These college majors allow for students to look further into majors that will allow them to remain in the same industry or similar industries in the near future.