January 2012

Top 3 Places to Retire With Social Security

Many in the United States desire to retire but there is a common worry about how to succeed without a regular job and on social security.  The average Social Security monthly benefit is around $1200 a month as March 2011. So a couple would have an average retirement income of $28,296 annually. There are some who have a household median income which is lower than the average benefit. The two-earner couple will need to be able to stretch out their payout to make it through each month.

1.      Auburn, Alabama

The overall median household income for the city is approximately $21,630 which is $6,000 less than what couples who each receive the average Social Security check earn.  Auburn has hot summers, and mild winters however there are lots of outdoor recreational activities.

How to Increase Your Knowledge

Many individuals are without work and are already applying for jobs regularly. However, in the meantime people should consider increasing their education while they continue their job search to sharpen their basic and advanced skills.  The longer workers remain out of work, the higher the decline of their skills.  


Read books such as classic novels and books that will challenge your overall view of the world.  Books that is mentally stimulating with help to waken your brain and make it work harder.  Use the dictionary to look up words you’re unfamiliar with and look into using those words in your daily vocabulary. 

The Best Resume Skills to Add


The technology in the workplace has continued to evolve faster than at the rate of a click of a mouse and there are resume skills job seekers shouldn’t overlook.  Several years ago all a job seeker’s software skills needed to have is being proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, usage of the computer and ability to use the Internet including having basic search skills. However, all of these skills are still needed but employers take for granted that most job candidates have these skills already. Job candidates should note those skills on their resume, especially if those skills are requested as a requirement on the job posting. 

About Environmental Engineer


An environmental engineer has similarities with other engineering careers such as chemical or biological engineers however their primary focus is on protecting the environment and limiting or minimizing the overall effects of the pollution. They use their combined knowledge of biology, and chemistry to create ways to minimize and prevent air pollution, mend recycling processes including storing and finding ways to neutralize toxic waste.  Environmental engineers work on larger projects including studying and creating ways to reduce acid rain and carbon emissions.