February 2012

Best Job Search Tips That Work

The job market has continued to bring in difficulty for those who are consistently looking for the right job for themselves.  The perfect job that will help people get back on track financially to support themselves and their families.  Tons of resumes flood into employers and recruiters for one job position and it’s important to bring your A-game and be prepared to fight to get to the top of the pile.

1.       It’s important to do your research and homework by researching the company before going to the interview.  Review over their mission statements, general information about the company.  Look at the company’s awards and success, along with charitable action events they have done.

2.      Be sure to have a plan with a focal point such as prioritizing companies to contact.  Choose companies that will match your skills and experiences.

How to Network Successfully

Networking consists of using personal and professional contacts which is used for maintaining contacts.  Networking is an important career management for any career.  Networking helps to keep in touch and find out about career opportunities in local and outside the local areas.  It also looks at industry trends technical expertise and pending developments.  You would be able to meet people who may be able to help you, collect and update contact information such as names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.  It allows you to thank people for their assistance, and help others who ask for help.  Networking helps with job changes and having the ability to know who to contact and advancing your career within the process.