March 2012

How To Get Along with your Boss


           Some employees find it hard to agree with their bosses; and what is worst, they even hated their bosses.  Your boss is the first and last person in an organization who knows you and your job.  They are the same people whom you have direct contact and where you get your work instructions.  Some may be lucky to have a boss who is kind and well-loved by the employees.  It is very important that you have a good working relationship with your boss to have a successful career.  Below are few steps to help you develop a good relationship with your boss:

            First, is to develop a positive relationship with your boss. If you have trust with your boss, you will have a smooth relationship with him.

            Next, is to put your boss’ needs as your priority above all.  You must try to understand the duties and responsibilities of your boss. The tantrums of your boss may end up in finding ways and means to improve the organization.  Offer your help and assistance to your boss.

How to Apply for Unemployment in California

Nowadays, receiving pink slips are very usual that any worker may experience due to global financial crisis. However, in California, unemployed individuals can file for unemployment benefits. There are many ways in filing for unemployment benefits such as online or over the phone. Unemployed in California can also file for an Unemployment Insurance claim through completing an online form or through a form that can be printed out, completed and mailed or faxed with a toll free number to call in filing for unemployment through the phone.

Requirements needed when filing for unemployment: